Tories more concerned about grilled chicken than proper funding for Durham Constabulary

Tories care more about chicken than police funding

Liberal Democrat PCC Candidate Craig Martin has criticized the Tory PCC for focusing his attention on restaurants rather police funding. During these times of difficult funding for all public sectors, Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates need to be fighting hard for funding and ensuring the books are balanced or our streets will not remain safe.

Craig Martin said, “My priority is to fight for the issues that our communities really care about, such as protecting local policing and preventing crime. If the Tory PCC wants to discuss dining, I’m not sure why he’s entered the race.”

“Tories can hide behind grilled chicken all they want, but they will not distract the public from the fact they are trying to cut police funding. I am focusing attention on rehabilitation, rehab and abolishing the PCC role. My approach will reduce crime and make Durham Constabulary more effective”

Following on from the Conservative candidate’s call for halal to be served in a Darlington branch of Nandos, Craig Martin wants to ensure the public, unlike the Tories, he is fully committed to making Durham Constabulary even better. He will put a greater focus on rehabilitation and rehab rather than punishment, which would reduce re-offending rates saving police time. He will also work towards abolishing the overly expensive and unnecessary Police and Crime Commissioner role to put money into policing rather than politics.

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