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Thoughts from Colin Finlay, North Tyneside Lib Dems


I was in Europe when the referendum vote was announced. Couldn’t believe it.  Do I really live in a country that’s scared of competing in Europe and blames immigrants for what’s not going well?

Spoken to quite a few German, French and Belgian people. Alarmingly, some say that we have done the right thing! The same people, though, say that Marine Le Pen should be next French president and that they admire Geert Wilders in Holland . Scratch the surface and you’ll find a full-on right wing tendency in Europe. We might have started something that our children and grandchildren will regret.

Spotted that the markets (i.e. companies that are the source of a lot of people’s pension funds) lost more money in one day after Brexit than our contribution to Europe costs in a whole YEAR!.



Here’s what a major French newspaper said about the vote (before we knew that Boris would be betrayed by Gove).  Now he’s foreign secretary, everything will be alright............unless you’re the American president, the Turks, the French, or any of the myriad other nations he’s offended in the past. Good luck? We’ll need more than that.

Still an ominous silence from Nissan over Brexit. A splendid irony given that Sunderland voted so overwhelmingly to leave Europe. Did it escape them that Nissan is nearly half owned by Renault? They’re French, aren’t they?


Swans site

Just popped down to see the progress on the Swans site (Jupiter Parc?), the development of which was funded by the European Union up to 2013. Here’s a photo. Can anyone spot a factory unit, a workshop or even a digger working? Will we be getting any more money from Europe to develop it? Of course not! Will we get any money from a Conservative government? Of course not! Will we get any more money from any government unless we live in a marginal seat? Of course not! Smart move, that Brexit thing.


Further hilarity on the announcement by Nexus of a £1bn project to update the Metro. Great idea.  Necessary idea. Where will the money come from? Government? Er..... Europe, perhaps? After all, with their emphasis on encouraging environmentally friendly transport systems, they’ll be keen to help with a few hundred million. Oh. Sorry. I forgot that we are leaving the European Community...............

Parking Permits

Get ready to pay for your parking permits! NT council cabinet will propose that resident parking permits will incur a charge of £25. Add another £25 for visitor permits. In central Wallsend, and probably most other places where schemes are in place, this is equivalent  to a 2% increase in council tax. It’s a stealth tax!  If you need money, share the burden across the borough.


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