Only the Liberal Democrats will Stand Up for Seekers of Sanctuary

In recent weeks the issue of migration has been placed front and centre. While politicians from across the UK position themselves Liberal Democrats have been working hard for those in need.

North East Lib Dems, Suzanne Fletcher and Philip Latham, worked with others, supported by Cllr David Faulkner,  to form an organisation working on behalf of those seeking sanctuary in the UK.  They founded Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary (LD4SOS), and this has played a part in the formation of party policy.   Suzanne, who is the chair of LD4SOS, sat on the policy working committee which produced policy paper 115 “Making Migration Work for Britain”. 

Suzanne has visited Cedars, the pre departure accommodation for families about to be removed from the UK, replacing the terrible conditions that children and families were in, in detention centres before the Lib Dems in the coalition government stopped this happening.  She continues to be part of a monitoring group with Citizens UK to ensure the system is working as well as it should. 

LD4SOS have worked hard on many issues, always maintaining that asylum seekers should be treated with compassion, humanity and dignity.   

To learn more about the work of LD4SOS, and see the campaigning they are doing, you can visit their website at LD4SOS is a membership organisation, and open to all who support the aims of the Liberal Democrats. To support the work of Suzanne, Philip and others you can join via their website or by clicking here.


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