NELD response to Labour manifesto

Responding to the publication of Labour's election manifesto today, North East Lib Dem spokesman Greg Stone (GE candidate for North Tyneside) said:


"The 1983 Labour manifesto became known as the longest suicide note in history. Corbyn's 2017 rewrite is even longer and even more suicidal.  The country has spent the past decade struggling with the austerity resulting from the last Labour government's debt mountain, but this manifesto seeks to gleefully increase taxation and borrowing. Labour's sums quite literally risk bankrupting the country.

The electorate are being asked to put their trust in Corbyn, McDonnell, Thornberry and Abbott to run a competent government and it is clear that the majority of voters will find it very difficult to do so. There is much in this manifesto that is untouched by economic and fiscal reality. Public spending on our NHS, schools, and police can only be funded by a strong and sustainable economy in which business and enterprise can be supported to grow. Labour's plans involve backing the Tories on Brexit, clobbering employers with punitive taxation which hits jobs and the tax base, and 1970s style nationalisation of major industries. 
Unfortunately, the imminent Conservative landslide is an equally troubling prospect. The North East and the country need an effective Opposition and millions of people in the centre ground of politics are being abandoned by Labour lurching left and the Conservative-UKIP alliance lurching right. This Labour manifesto shows that the Lib Dems are now the only party speaking for the political centre."

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