NE Lib Dem response to Orlando tragedy

Statement by Jack Stoker, NE Lib Dem regional lead for young people and equalities

Pain, amongst all humans who believe in freedom and democracy, was felt after hearing about the tragic event which took place in Orlando.

For us in the LGBTQIA+ community this pain was felt especially, it hit home that even on what is meant to be some of the most tolerant soil, there are still battles to be won. And we will fight, every single day of our lives and we will give our all in the name of tolerance. 

One of the few places that those within the community feel they can safely go was taken away, to have what is meant to be one of very limited safe sanctuaries gone, hopelessness jumps to mind for many within the LGBTQIA+ community.

The world however, stands in mourning together with our community, the victims, and their families. For this moment, the infighting stops, we are together in solidarity, our friends, our families and our allies unite. For this moment we are one.

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