Lord Shipley presses for votes at 16



The Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to reverse their decision to restrict 16 year olds from voting in local elections. Liberal Democrat peer John Shipley, former leader of Newcastle City Council, has tabled a motion in the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill that will be debated on Tuesday as the Bill begins ping pong between the Commons and the Lords.


The motion will be called to a vote as the Lib Dems continue to fight the Tories on the issue following a series of Government defeats in recent months.


Ahead of the vote Lord Paul Tyler, Liberal Democrat Political Reform Spokesperson, has said:


“Young people must have a say in how their lives and the communities they live in are run.
“The Government continues to discriminate based on where you live, young people in Scotland were given a vote on their future yet their Welsh and English counterparts are denied the same rights.
“We complain that younger generations are not engaging with politics and then we shut them out of the system. The Government needs to think again.
“Whilst the Tories are continuing to resist expanding the franchise, the Lib Dems will not stop fighting to give young people the voice they deserve.”




Notes to editors:


On 15th July the House of Lords voted to give 16 and 17-year olds the vote at local government elections. The Government has removed this amendment in the Commons. Liberal Democrats are fighting to ensure that this provision stays in the Bill.

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