Lib Dems slam irresponsible Tory MP Trevelyan for reckless gamble with UK economy

Northumbrian Liberal Democrat Julie Pörksen has slammed Anne-Marie Trevelyan's decision to disrupt the post referendum budget as irresponsible and have denounced her for gambling with the British economy.  

In recent days tens of billions has been wiped off the value of British companies as the stock market has tumbled. This slump has led to Chancellor George Osborne proposing the need for an emergency budget should the UK chose to leave the EU on June 23rd - Trevelyan is one of the 58 MPs who have signed a statement on the budget declaring "we cannot possibly allow this to go ahead".

Julie Pörksen commented: "By wanting to leave the EU, Anne-Marie Trevelyan has already shown she is prepared to gamble with our economy, which in the North East is very dependent on the EU for exports and support. Now she is being utterly irresponsible in proposing to disrupt her own government and any smooth transition post referendum if she gets her way and the country votes to leave the EU. Given the stock market has already become volatile we will need really strong government to minimise the fallout for jobs and the economy. It is exceptionally naive to assume life will carry on as normal in the British economy post-referendum if we leave the EU. She really needs to step up to the plate as an MP and start acting in the interests of her electorate in Northumberland rather than her own." 

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