Lib Dem Durham PCC challenger calls for 20mph speed limits outside all Durham and Darlington schools






Craig Martin, Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Durham and Darlington, says residents’ calls for speed limits to be reduced around schools must be heard. Darlington and County Durham Councils have implemented piecemeal 20 mph speed limits around certain schools, but Craig Martin says, “It is absurd that our councils prioritise some children’s safety over others. If elected I will work to ensure that we reduce the risk of any accidents during all school runs.”


“Labour councils are picking and choosing where they want to protect children going to school. I’m calling on our councils to start listening to residents and demonstrate that very child matters across County Durham and Darlington.”


After sustained pressure from Liberal Democrat councillors, Durham County Council has started to implement 20 mph speed limits in certain areas. As Craig Martin points out, however, Cestria Primary School in Chester-le-Street has been lucky enough to be chosen, but an equally deserving school, St. Mary’s RC Primary in Consett, has been missed out despite being only metres away from a national speed limit road.


“We need consistency,” says Craig. “And the only consistent way to manage this in the long term is to have a 20 mph limit outside every school.”

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