Labour's Brexit plan has more holes than a colander






Farron: "Labour's Brexit plan has more holes than a colander"

Commenting on the Labour Party’s ‘plan’ for Brexit, leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron, said:

“Labour’s Brexit plan has more holes than a colander. This outline for Britain’s future is a litany of failures.

“They are failing to protect the UK economy by dragging the UK out of the Single Market. They are failing the people by refusing to give them a say on the final deal.

“And if Labour were serious about protecting the rights of EU citizens, why didn’t they stand up for them when they had the chance in Parliament? Instead they chose to abstain.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party offering a way to stay in the EU. Giving the people a say on the final Brexit deal is the best way of avoiding the hard Brexit that Theresa May is driving us towards.


Claim: Keir Starmer says the Conservatives are going about Brexit the wrong way and that Labour disagrees with the Brexit White Paper 
So why did he support the Article 50 Bill at 2nd and 3rd reading?
Claim: EU citizens deserve rights
So why didn’t Labour whip their peers to keep it in the Article 50 bill?
Claim: says no deal would be terrible
So why didn’t Labour support amendments calling for the UK to remain if parliament rejected the deal?
Claim: they want to keep the benefits of the single market and customs union
So why won’t Labour fight for membership of the EEA?
Claim: Labour will fight to keep vital protections
So why have Labour given the Tories a blank cheque on Brexit?

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