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Europe faces it's largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War as 20 million Syrians and Libyans flee Isis. Currently the United Kingdom has accepted just 2200 of the 500,000 people that have made it safely to Europe. 

There was once a time when the United Kingdom exercised moral leadership in humanitarian disasters. When men, women and children were once misplaced by war, genocide or ethnic cleansing the United Kingdom fought for liberty, human decency and justice.

The Syrian refugee crisis has shown us that the United Kingdom is no longer the moral force it once was. David Cameron and his Government's response to those so desperately in need does not fill us with pride. By continuing to dodge responsibility he has brought shame on a nation that would once provide for those in the greatest of need.

Liberal Democrats in the North East are demanding that David Cameron take this responsibility seriously. By signing our campaign today you will be joining us in our demand for action.

The sad fact is that this situation is not new to us, our members and former parliamentarians have been fighting for refugees and seekers of sanctuary affected by the Syrian conflict for years. 

In Germany people have forced a more humanitarian reaction. Across Europe people have called for their politicians to take a moral responsibility seriously. 

We believe that one by one if we stand up and take responsibility we can fill the moral void our government has left and we can once again feel proud of our nation's humanitarian record. Read our petition here and add your voice today:


Dear Mr Cameron and North East Council Leaders,

We the undersigned wish to project our disgust at our government's reaction to the Syrian refugee crisis. As other European nations overlook the Dublin II regulation the United Kingdom enforces this unworkable piece of legislation.

It has become abundantly clear that Italy, Greece and Hungary are unable to fulfil the regulation that requires the nation in which a refugee lands must treat the asylum case. As more refugees turn to gangs to ensure them safe passage more will die needlessly in the pursuit of humanities most precious right, the right to life. 

We believe that it is time for the United Kingdom to take action and to accept it's moral responsibility to provide assistance, safety and leadership. We want to feel pride in our country's ability to look beyond what may be politically expedient and stand up for those in desperate need.

We demand that our government:

  • Suspend its enforcement of the Dublin II regulation
  • Increase the limit of refugees it will process for asylum
  • Provide assistance to Germany, Greece, Hungary and Italy
  • Lead in the assertion that this issue is the responsibility of all of Europe

We demand that across the North East of England local councils are given the ability to offer safe refuge to refugee families affected by the conflicts in Syria and Libya.

In return we the undersigned take this moral responsibility seriously. We will give a warm welcome to those in need.

This petition will be delivered to the Cabinet Office and the leaders of every council in the North East Region.

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