Berwick Tory MP puts Northumberland National Park at risk from fracking



Pörksen: Fracking fan Trevelyan puts National Park at risk



Berwick's Conservative MP has come in for harsh criticism for supporting fracking in National Parks. In a Commons vote, where no debate was held, she voted with the Conservative Government who overturned the Coalition's ban on fracking in National Parks. 


Local Liberal Democrat Julie Pörksen, who is against fracking, criticised Berwick's Conservative MP for being "lobby fodder" and not supporting the countryside. 

Julie Pörksen commented:

"Sadly Berwick's MP has lost the capacity to consider her constituency when she votes. Fracking was a hot topic in the run up to the election and it was clear at the hustings that Anne-Marie Trevelyan was changing her fracking story to pander to each audience - being supportive of fracking at one, then at the environmental hustings saying the decision should be up to the community. Given her extreme objection to 'blighting' wind-farms before being elected, why on earth she supports fracking is unclear - it will result in drilling, heavy traffic across our countryside and also a great deal of contaminated water. The potential environmental and economic damage to our countryside and National Parks is huge - these protected spaces are invaluable and one of our unique attractions for Northumbrian tourism. Unfortunately for us constituents, her winning speech describing herself as Government 'lobby fodder' has become a reality."

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