3-weekly Sunderland bin collections a step too far

3-weekly bin collections for Sunderland would be “a step too far”


Labour councillors in Sunderland must rule out three weekly bin collections say local Lib Dems, as residents fear problems with rats and flytipping.

Collecting rubbish just once every three weeks and recycling once every four weeks are options being proposed by Sunderland City Council in its current budget consultation. The Council is asking for residents’ views about how it can deliver services with less money in the future.

However, Wearside Liberal Democrats say that three-weekly bin collections would be a step too far, and that wasteful council spending must be cut back to prioritise delivering basic city services for which people pay their taxes.

There are fears that residents won't have enough space to store a three week's worth of rubbish in back yards or gardens, especially in areas like Millfield and the City Centre, leading to growing problems with flytipping, rats and seagulls.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner for Millfield and Thornholme Niall Hodson said:

“We all know the Council needs to make savings, but collecting rubbish from green wheelie bins only once every 3 weeks would be a step too far. Local people shouldn’t have to put up with rotting rubbish sitting in bins for this long before it is collected.

“Residents in Millfield and Thornholme have told me they are shocked that Labour councillors are even considering reducing bin collections to just once every three weeks. That's why local Liberal Democrats are urging Labour councillors in charge of Sunderland Council to rule out less frequent bin collections.”

Niall added:

“Wearside Lib Dems believe council tax-payers' money ought to be used to maintain vital services like emptying the bins, and that the Labour council has a responsibility to cut down on wasteful spending, gimmicks, and vanity projects.

“For example, over the past few years hundreds of thousands of pounds have been wasted on failed plans for the Vaux site and new Wear crossing. Labour councillors have also wasted money – like spending £180,000 importing decorative trees for St Mary’s Way, and forking out over £33,000 on VIP hospitality for councillors at the Sunderland Airshow.”

Sunderland Council’s budget consultation survey runs until 13th December and is available online at www.sunderland.gov.uk/budget-survey

As part of the consultation the Council are asking residents if they would be happy with collections every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks, with recycling collected every 4 weeks.

The Council currently offers a weekly collection for landfill waste. Recycling waste in blue wheelie bins is currently collected once a fortnight.

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